About the company

About TCG Lending Centres


Our goal is to provide all the help needed to our Mortgage agents so they can help homebuyers make their dreams come true. From purchasing first homes to refinancing homes to meet financial goals, TCG Lending Centres and all our agents take great pride in never offering a loan that doesn’t benefit the borrower. As a mortgage company with a combined experience of 20+ years in mortgages, we offer solutions that can help you in most financial situations. Besides our quick loan decisions, fast closings and competitive rates, why choose TCG Lending Centres?
Our team is versatile in mortgages. Our founder, Carmen Costa, worked for Scotiabank for many years and always wanted to offer complete service for all clients. For that particular reason, she came over as a mortgage broker to offer the service to help all clients. Thus, we offer decades of intricate knowledge and experience to provide viable options that can substantially improve your financial condition.  We help our clients find solutions to fit their financial needs. From a first mortgage on your family’s home to the purchase of a rental property or vacation home, we are here to provide you with a comprehensive array of services and solutions.



TCG Lending Centres Mission: One team, one vision to make your house a home with the right mortgage.



TCG Lending Centres mission is to provide our customers with a superior mortgage experience. At TCG Lending Centres, we provide solutions, not the problem, as we understand that every customer and every situation is unique. That’s why we work as a team to provide our clients financial solutions, as well as competitive rates and services, which in turn allows us to customize a mortgage solution that works for you. When the financial institution has no time for you, we do. Our goal is to provide clients with products and services tailored to meet their specific needs at the best rates possible, while providing the highest quality of customer service. Our team has the tools, knowledge, and support to look after your finances. Our dedication to integrity, honesty and ethics is the foundation of all of our relationships.