First-time home buyer incentive

First-time home buyer incentive

It will take effect in September of this year and it was introduced in this year’s federal government’s budget. It is known as the “First-time home buyer incentive” and it serves the purpose of lowering mortgage costs for eligible Canadians. Essentially, this incentive program – of $1.25-billion – would allow prospective buyers to apply for an interest-free loan from CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation). CMHC would offer 5% towards an existing home or 10% towards a new build. The additional funds could lower the cost of a mortgage. 

There are, however, some requirements attached to this incentive that prospective homebuyers need to meet. You qualify for this incentive if: household income is under $120,000, purchasers have a minimum 5% down payment, and the amount received cannot exceed four times the participant’s annual income (equivalent to $480,000). The last aspect to this incentive is that the loan IS required to be repaid. 

On top of these requirements, the government has announced it will increase the amount first-time home buyers can withdraw from their RRSPs in order to finance their purchase – also known as the Home Buyer’s Plan – from $25,000 to $35,000 per individual. The amounts withdrawn as parte of this plan must be repaid over a 15-year period or included in the individual’s income if not repaid. The Home Buyer’s Plan will also include individuals who  may not be first-time home buyers but are going through a separation or divorce. 

However, whatever rules are in place for the mortgage stress test, which were introduced in January of 2018, will remain unchanged. 

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