Importance of land surveys

Importance of land surveys

We’ve said this many times: buying a home is perhaps the most important purchase of our lives. So, wouldn’t you want to know everything about it before you sign the papers? 

This is where a land survey is very important.  Yes, a home inspection can tell you how much the home is worth and whether there are any major issues with the property. But that is it. If you want to know more details about the property and the land, you need to request a land survey. 

What is a land survey? It’s a graphic representation of a property. It comes with a map indicating the exact boundaries of a property relative to others around it.  They are not mandatory as part of the home buying process, but they can be very handy especially in knowing where your land ends and where the neighbour’s land starts. These surveys are done by professional people who measure out the precise dimensions of the lot and update the records. 

What you can expect to see on a land survey: property boundaries, location of buildings (home, shed…), street address, location of rights-of-way, details on restrictions related to the property or building setbacks, boundary descriptions of adjacent properties. This document tells you what is legally yours and what you can and can’t do to your property, as well as inform you of any obligations. 

One important tip: if you decide to request a land survey, make sure you use a professional who has experience in this matter and a track record of conduction accurate surveys.