Moving? Tips to save some money!

Moving? Tips to save some money!

You have purchased a home. The moving day is fast approaching. Have you considered all the costs? We decided to write this blog post to help every homebuyer budget for the costs – the obvious and the hidden ones – related to moving. 

What are the obvious costs? The moving company, realtor commissions… These we all know about and really budget for. However, it is the hidden ones that can really add up quickly and present a few unpleasant surprises.  So, how can we avoid these fees or how can we best budget for them? 

The first tip is to actually look at what you have that you want to keep. As soon as you know when you will be moving, begin grouping things as “to keep” and “to let go”. Try to get rid of the “to let go” list by having garage sales, donating to charities, putting them online… Then, focus on the “To keep” list. Account for expenses such as boxes and tape (try to collect boxes from friends, local business or use suitcases as an alternative), ask the company if they charge extra for moving bulky items or using stairs; if you are moving into a condo, find out if there are charges for using the elevator; make sure you have full-protection insurance for everyone and for every item, should it get damaged. 

Do your homework. Get quotes from different moving companies to make sure you are finding the best company for your needs – and make sure you know their cancellation costs policy. 

Saving money on your move allows you to have some extra money for something you may need or to even put it towards a mortgage payment.