Rommel Pravia

Rommel Pravia

“Dedicated. Creative. Confident. Professional.”

Rommel Pravia’s goal is to take care of the client and provide them with the best mortgage solutions. Your life and your needs matter most and matching your needs with Rommel’s expert service will lead you home.

An experienced investment advisor and financial planner for over 12 years, Rommel will make the big challenge of buying a home a stress free and effortless one. He will educate you to the process, provide information about options available to you, and be there every step of the way. Rommel works tirelessly with bankers, IA’s, and private lenders to come up with a creative financing solution that best fits each individual client. He is resourceful, efficient and brings the same dedication and commitment to his role as a mortgage agent.

When not working on mortgages, Rommel loves to golf, dine out (especially in restaurants that offer exotic cuisine), meditate, and take his dog for walks.


Rommel Pravia
Mortgage Agent – M20000790
Cell: (226) 213-0845
Cell: (647) 498-3723