Why should you want to be part of The Costa Group team?

Why should you want to be part of The Costa Group team?

When applying for a new job, or when looking into starting a new career, people often get asked the reason why they would want to become part of a certain team. Many times, people are surprised by the fact that companies don’t want to hire someone simply because that person applied to the job whose criteria they happened to meet. What might be further surprising is if the company hiring is the one providing you with the type of teammate it is looking for.

Let’s take The Costa Group case. We are hiring right now! Therefore, why should you want to join our team? Before you get the answer from our own team members, we would like to present you to the motto of our company. Putting mortgages together is easy. Anyone one can learn how to do it.  So, what will distinguish the person who we are looking for from the rest of the applicants? You must have a particular skill: show you care for somebody.

At The Costa Group, I want our team to be a mirror image of what we offer. We offer a product, but not a product just to mortgage. Together with that product, we offer compassion, we offer caring. In other words, we don’t just treat everyone as a number. We treat everybody as family. When you do have compassion, everything else falls into place. As we said earlier, learning something is easy. What is unique about us is actually putting that passion into caring for a person. Why is that so important? The reason is quite simple: when you care for somebody, you don’t put them in the wrong product and you don’t charge high broker fees.  You treat them as family. This is who we are at The Costa Group family.

Why join the Costa group? What does this team have to offer that anybody else doesn’t? For Dee Sgro, the answer is simple: “I didn’t come from the industry and I was promised from another team that they would sit down with me and that I had nothing to worry about. You’re a month into it, you get your first deal and nothing makes sense. That course you took, that license you got, just went out the window. And then I met Carmen. Sitting with her and seeing the way this woman works was more than reading this text to get my license. She promised support, she’s giving support; she’s promised loyalty, she’s loyal; she’s promised respect and she has a lot of respect for teammates.”


There you go. At the Costa Group, I offer coaching, product knowledge, and where we are going to place this product, as well as put it where it belongs for that client.

One of our team members is a past client of ours. Aaron Romanowitch integrated the team based on the same principles we so hardly advocate. “When it came to join the team, it was more about trust and loyalty because every time I dealt with Carmen, I would put my trust in her hands. Every deal I did, I didn’t have to second guess, didn’t have to think about if the deal was going to be done right. I knew it was going to be in the right hands. Carmen has always been loyal to me, I have always been loyal to her. Every move I make I have her full support.”

Another team member, Edward Salazar, is of the same opinion. “It is great to sit next to someone who is so knowledgeable about mortgages and mortgage products. Amazing!”

I know that I care for every single person who walks through my door. Anybody who sets foot inside the Costa Group gets treated as if you were my family.  That’s what we want to offer you. Hope to see you soon.

by: Carmen Costa